ConsultDoc is a Paediatric Medical App where Parents can meet Professional and Accredited Doctors about their Children’s Health Condition. It offers Parents to get Consultation about problems they are going through with their Child.
Speak to A Doctor about your Child with Our App.

Progress 60%

Greeneva is a Web and Mobile App, that helps individuals to come together and their impact in helping their community and making our world a better place. With Greeneva individuals can create communities based on their location and solve any Sustainable Development Goals Targets of any Sustainable Development Goal, In a nutshell, this means you and I can make an impact in the world no matter how small it is and regardless of where we live. Communities in Greeneva can set their targets they will want to achieve and set long term goals to achieve them. Communities may be ranked on how far they go to achieve their set-out targets. 

Progress 38%
This app would empower
mechanics within and outside  Nigeria to be able to easily get customers all over Nigeria.
Progress 15%